FSU football: 5 most valuable offensive players in 2023

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Trey Benson

Mike Norvell generally uses a running back-by-committee approach with his running game. However, 2023 saw a slight departure from that method as Trey Benson took well over the majority of the carries from the running back position. Ironically, Benson only has two more carries over last year's total, with FSU running 72 fewer running plays than last year.

Benson saw a slight reduction in his total yards and yards per carry average but increased his touchdown production from nine to 14. However, where Benson improved the most was in the receiving game. He became a viable threat out of the backfield and increased his reception totals from 13 to 20. His receiving yards increased from 144 to 227 yards and a touchdown. While he was a bit more boom or bust in 2023, Benson was the running game for FSU with Jordan Travis not running the ball like in 2022.