FSU football: 5 major takeaways from 2024 football schedule

Miami v Florida State
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While it's cool to have a favorable early slate, that usually means the back-half of the schedule will be tougher. The stretch of SMU, Clemson, Duke, Miami, North Carolina, and Notre Dame will be tough. SMU won 11 games in 2023, Clemson found some success late in the season, Duke will be on the road on a Friday night, and it's Miami's Superbowl. North Carolina lost a lot, but that's still a Power 5 opponent before going North on the road late in the year against Notre Dame.

As I mentioned, it'll depend on how the rosters continue to shape and how teams fare early in their schedules. However, right now, FSU would be betting favorites in three of those games, with two likely as pick 'em, and likely a small underdog against Notre Dame on the road. The good news is FSU has addressed depth concerns in the trenches and will likely add 1-2 more pieces at linebacker. Unless something catastrophic happens, they should be built to withstand this gauntlet.