FSU football: 5 major takeaways from 2024 Early Signing Day

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Alex Atkins does what Alex Atkins does on the recruiting trails. FSU signed four offensive linemen(two blue-chip) in what's considered a down year for the position in the southeast. None are guys that'll play in year one, but they could all be contributors with some time in the strength and conditioning program and learning the offense. However, the defensive side of the trenches left much to desire. FSU signed four-star defensive end DD Holmes, who has a ton of potential and upside. He was an excellent addition.

However, he was the only high school defensive end. The defensive tackle room was worse, only signing two three-star developmental guys. While they have potential, it'll be a while before they can become major contributors, if at all. FSU's defensive line was why the FSU defense was as good as it was this year. There is an argument for using the portal to circumvent some misses in the high school ranks. However, FSU needs a higher-quality players at defensive tackle and defensive end out of high school.