FSU football: 5 MAJOR reasons Mike Norvell should remain at FSU

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FSU Addressing One Negative About FSU

The biggest negative aspect other programs like Alabama can point to at FSU is their association with the ACC. The perception of the ACC is weak and not as strong as the SEC or B1G. There is a growing revenue gap between those two conferences and the ACC. The good news? FSU has been vocal about leaving the ACC and has taken action. The latter is a big step because it shows Mike Norvell that FSU is serious about competing at the highest level.

Had the latter not happened, I think it would be easier to point out that there is no light at the end of the tunnel regarding FSU getting out of the ACC. It won't happen tomorrow, but I firmly believe that FSU will announce its intentions to leave the ACC no later than 2026. If I had to bet, I think the 2025 season would be the last season in the conference, if not 2024. Mike Norvell, knowing that and what he's already built, while knowing FSU will likely have a home in the SEC or B1G conference once they leave? There's nothing to worry about there.