FSU football: 5 MAJOR reasons Mike Norvell should remain at FSU

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Norvell Already Building A Mansion at FSU

When I think of the top programs in college football, I look at them all like mansions. Nick Saban has built his version of a mansion in Alabama. The end of the Jimbo Fisher era and the Willie Taggart experiment severely damaged the mansion FSU had built. It needed a ton of repairs to its foundation and exterior, and that's what Mike Norvell has been restoring over the past four years. What sense would it make for Mike Norvell to leave a mansion he's nearly rebuilt from the ground up?

A mansion that's not too far from getting completed, to move into a mansion that Nick Saban built? If he continued to win at a high level, it was because Nick Saban had built it already. Norvell faced some similar stuff when he took over for Justin Fuentes at Memphis, though we're talking about a much different neighborhood. Mike Norvell is receiving full credit for the massive turnaround responsible at FSU. If he completes the mansion(winning a National Title), it would be his mansion, not something he moved into that was already built.