FSU football: 5 biggest positional needs in 2025 recruiting cycle

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Interior Offensive Linemen

FSU signed several offensive linemen in the 2022 recruiting class, but only two signees, Jaylen Early and Julian Armella, remain. Both players will likely play tackle, though Armella could play inside. The 2023 recruiting class saw FSU take only two high school players, Lucas Simmons and Andre Otto. Simmons is a tackle, and Otto will likely play center or the interior. FSU signed Tye Hylton, Jayden Todd, Jonathan Daniels, and Manasse Itete. It's an interesting mixture of guys, with some tweeners with the potential to play guard or tackle.

FSU will lose Maurice Smith and Darius Washington after the 2024 season, and they are the only two guys that FSU can realistically count on to snap the ball this year. I mentioned Otto potentially being at center, but they'll need to build depth on the interior with guys that can snap or play the guard spots. FSU addressed some interior concerns through the portal, but they need to continue throwing bodies at the offensive line.