FSU Football: 3 ways Mike Norvell turned this program around

When it comes to FSU football, Mike Norvell has this boat rowing in the right direction!
Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Florida State
Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Florida State / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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3. Confidence Booster

Greatness begins with a confident mindset. Florida State's players seriously needed a confidence booster with it lacking on the field. From day one, Norvell has placed confidence in every team member, knowing their potential to be great. His confidence in the team has also been apparent from the beginning. Team cohesiveness has never been better. Boosting team confidence has brought out the best in the Seminoles, all thanks to Norvell.

Once the team realized that Norvell believed in them, they started to perform better, which led to more wins. Even in games with the odds stacked against them, he never lost hope. A prime example of this was in the ACC Championship game with Mike Norvell motivating his players on the sideline. Despite not having Jordan Travis or Tate Rodemaker, Norvell was still confident that the players available would still get the job done. That's what a true leader does!

This new mindset has translated on the field, leading the Seminoles to success. Now that the team feels more confident, they will continue to work hard to remain a force to reckon with in college football.