FSU football: 3 things to look for in the Orange Bowl

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Brock Glenn's Poise

Freshman Brock Glenn started his first career game against Louisville a few weeks ago. He looked like a freshman, with the game moving way too fast for him. A prime example was Glenn scrambling away from pressure outside of the pocket, and he ran out of bounds for the loss of three yards instead of simply throwing the ball away to avoid losing yardage. He also threw at least two passes that probably should have been intercepted. He's a freshman, and those are typical freshman mistakes, especially considering he missed much of fall practice with a hand injury. How much did that game experience help?

Will he start pressing and try to do too much if things don't go well for the offense early? He's a competitor that wants to win, but the inexperience could easily cause things to snowball if he doesn't keep his poise. That's one thing the experience of Jordan Travis brought in games like this. He never panicked and usually didn't make those crucial mistakes that broke a team's spirit. I'll be looking for Brock Glenn to understand every play is its own play.

Parting Thoughts

This game is a great opportunity for the young guys to showcase what they can do. I'm sure there will be plenty of mistakes, but I hope to see some flashes of greatness to balance things out. More importantly, I hope FSU can get through this game without anyone suffering an injury that would slow their development in spring practice in the coming weeks.

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