FSU football: 3 things to look for in the Orange Bowl

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The Trenches

The trenches on offense and defense is likely the biggest difference between the teams(aside from QB). FSU has done a great job developing high school guys and supplementing positions with the transfer portal. If both teams came into this game at full strength, I believe FSU could compete at the same level, especially on defense. There are things FSU could do to close the gap in some areas where Georgia had the edge in talent. Let's not kid ourselves, noone has recruited better than Georgia over the past few years. Their starters are developed blue-chip players with blue-chip players waiting as backups in the trenches.

There's a reason Darius Washington lists at four different spots on the offensive line depth chart released Tuesday. FSU getting Darrell Jackson eligible to play helps alleviate the absence of Fabien Lovett. However, the absence of Jared Verse exposes a drop-off at defensive end. Can the offensive line FSU rolls out there hold up against the defensive line Georgia rolls out there? Can FSU's defensive line impact Georgia's offensive line? It's hard to gauge because we don't know exactly who will play, but this area will be pivotal.