FSU football: 3 reasons to ignore Big 12 rumors on social media

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FSU Too Valuable To Go To The Big 12

That final part brings me here. One of the things Michael Alford is keenly aware of is the value of the FSU brand, especially in football. It's what he's been harping on for the past year with the ACC, trying to get folks to understand what FSU brings to the conference while showing the value to other potential suitors(B1G and SEC). FSU would not go through the hassle of filing a lawsuit to leave an inferior conference to join another one with the same perception. That's bad business and an insult to insinuate that's possible. Outside of Notre Dame, there isn't another school not in the B1G or SEC that can do what FSU does.

The TV ratings, fan engagement, prestige, and potential to win at an elite level. The B1G would love to get into the Southeast, and FSU would be a top option. On the flip side, ESPN would hate for that to happen and likely would do whatever it could to keep FSU under its umbrella. ESPN aiding FSU in moving to the SEC would be the easier transition since they already have a working relationship. FSU going to the Big 12 makes no sense whatsoever. It's an inferior conference(just like the ACC). The teams in that conference offer little to no value to FSU, and FSU would continue to fall behind the B1G and SEC from a revenue standpoint. FSU isn't going to the Big 12.

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