FSU football: 3 reasons to ignore Big 12 rumors on social media

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Florida State Spring Football Practice
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Michael Alford and BOT

FSU fans have become jaded by bad news over the years. Recruiting misses, the 2020 NCAA Basketball Tournament getting canceled by COVID, Jimbo Fisher leaving, Willie Taggart's hiring and firing, and I could go on. Some of these things FSU had no control over, but the majority of these things took place before the current administration was in place. The hire of Athletic Director Michael Alford was arguably the best in the past decade outside of Mike Norvell. Alford has repeatedly proven he understands how things work from a business standpoint.

His ability to navigate troubled waters with Seminole Boosters early on to help start new energy within the fan base to join was impressive. His moves since becoming the Athletic Director have been outstanding. Alford got the football-only facility started, new locker rooms, facility upgrades across multiple sports, and some ELITE hires that have already paid dividends. He has the full support of the BOT and FSU President. He is a large reason FSU is in the midst of a lawsuit nobody thought would happen anytime soon. He hasn't made a wrong move yet. FSU fans need to trust that track record and what this new administration deliver the goods again.