FSU football: 3 reasons to ignore Big 12 rumors on social media

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Big 12 Media Days

Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark has done an admirable job helping the Big 12 navigate troubled waters after Oklahoma and Texas bolted for the SEC. York quickly maneuvered to add four schools: Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah, which brought the Big 12 to 16 teams. Ironically, the Big 12 was the first conference to host their media days this week before the 2024 season kicks off. If you're the commissioner of a conference that's not the B1G or SEC, what's your job? Yormark's job is to make it appear the Big 12 conference is the best destination outside the top two conferences. Here are some quotes from their media day:

“We have solidified ourselves as one of the top three conferences in America,” Yormark said at Allegiant Stadium. “We are more relevant now than ever before. … There has never been a better time than right now to be a part of the Big 12.”

“We will be the deepest football conference in America, and every week will matter,” Yormark said.

What better way to get people talking than to leak that you've had preliminary talks with two of the most valuable programs outside of the B1G and SEC, that folks know want to leave their respective conferences?

This happened during your media day when no other conferences have the news cycle. It's a smart play, but preliminary talks could be the Big 12 calling and asking questions with FSU and Clemson not showing interest. However, any smart business person will listen to an offer. It's all about perception. However, that's not to say that the conference won't be a great fit for teams like Virginia Tech, NC State, or Miami, once a path for teams to leave forms when FSU and Clemson leave.