FSU football: 3 reasons to ignore Big 12 rumors on social media

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Florida State Spring Football Practice
Florida State Spring Football Practice / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages
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It's no secret that FSU football wants to and will leave the ACC sooner rather than later. I know some contingents believe FSU will be stuck in the ACC through the 2036 TV deal, but that group seems to have gotten smaller or quieter since the early days after FSU filed a lawsuit to begin the process of leaving. Clemson filing suit shortly after didn't help the ACC's cause, and it's one reason why the conference ran to add three teams: SMU, Stanford, and California. The move was smart to ensure the ACC survives in some form once FSU and Clemson leave.

They don't want to be the second conference to evaporate within a year like the Pac-12. However, the damage to the perception of the ACC has made it untenable for a power brand like FSU to remain in it long-term. The College Football Playoff snub proved what we already knew, and was a catalyst to expedite the process to leave. A landing spot among teams in the B1G or SEC has been the projected move and the only one that makes sense. However, some rumors started swirling over the past few days about FSU having preliminary talks with the Big 12. Here are three reasons to ignore those rumors and why FSU won't go there.