FSU football: 3 major things we learned in January 2024

FSU Isn't Going Anywhere
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Progress Getting Out Of The ACC

One of the biggest obstacles potentially limiting the future of FSU football was the prospect of remaining in the ACC until 2036. FSU began voicing its displeasure with things about a year ago and continually got blamed for wanting to compete at an elite level. The media trolls were out in full force. The Grant of Rights is "ironclad," they said. "FSU is broke and can't manage their money," they said. "FSU hasn't won the ACC in forever, so they shouldn't be talking," they said. Fast forward a year later, and nobody believes the ACC Grant of Rights is iron-clad anymore. FSU is renovating its stadium, building a new football-only facility, lawyered up to make preparations to leave the ACC, and went undefeated to win the ACC. They have turned away every false narrative possible created by the media and talking heads. It's deafly quiet, and the latest news on the lawsuit front looks promising.

Folks rooting against FSU in this case believe FSU has to win the case to get out of the ACC. That's not the case at all. IF FSU can get to the negotiation table and play far less than the 572 million the ACC wants for them to leave, that's a win. I believe that's going to happen because I don't believe the ACC will want this to go into the discovery phase with all of their secretive ways. I think there's hope that FSU is out of the ACC by no later than 2025, which means they can find a home in either the B1G or SEC to level the playing field with the other teams in those conferences.