FSU football: 3 major takeaways from Mike Norvell signing 8-year extension

Norvell Staying In Tally!
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Mike Norvell staying at FSU when Alabama was open

Did Mike Norvell interview for the job? Was he offered the job and turned it down? I have no idea, and Mike Norvell's agent, Jimmy Sexton, oversees all of the big-time coaches in the sport. All of the candidates were clients of Sexton, so it could have been Sexton doing what he does and helping Mike Norvell get a raise. There's nothing wrong with that, and Mike Norvell has gone through hell and back since taking the FSU job.

The obstacles he has overcome and continues to overcome speak volumes about the foundation he has created in Tallahassee. I think this tells you Mike Norvell isn't going to leave for just any job. The one school that might have a shot is Texas, but it appears their head coach want to attempt to build his legacy there too.