FSU basketball: Top 3 major takeaways from 2024 season

As the buzzer sounds on the NCAA Championship, the offseason begins, and Florida State Seminole's Basketball takes inventory as they start their rebuild.
North Carolina v Florida State
North Carolina v Florida State / G Fiume/GettyImages
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The Florida State Seminoles are in an era of change. The school is undergoing construction on academic buildings and football facilities, while Doak Cambell Stadium is amid repairs. The question after this takeaways piece is how these changes matriculate their way to the FSU basketball program.

With the dust settling on this most recent season for the Seminoles, the team has already begun its reconstruction. This began with an exodus of transfers while program additions were thoroughly vetted and meticulously included. 

So far, Leonard Hamilton has continued to oversee the gutting of the roster while laying the foundation for next year. Do these offseason moves repair the issues that caused the Seminoles to fall, or does the program need a complete restructuring and Hamilton's position the next to change? Understanding what took place during the season will be paramount to predict the next steps for Florida State.