Florida State Women's Basketball: Makayla Timpson's Potential Record Breaking Season

Capitalizing off her sensational sophomore campaign, the Seminoles' starting center has taken her game to new heights as a junior.
Florida State v NC State
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It’s been a remarkable journey for the Florida State Seminoles throughout this season. Sure, they’ve been battle-tested in the ACC. However, this team continues to show fight and resilience, which is the reason they’re one of the best teams in the conference. The biggest story of the season has been sophomore guard Ta’Niya Latson as she continues to thrive as one of the best scorers in the country. However, one of the Seminoles’ most impactful players this season has been Makayla “Kay Kay” Timpson. 

Timpson has been electric all year for Florida State. Her impactful season resulted in her being a member of the 1,000th career point club in the Seminoles’ win over Wake Forest. During her first few seasons, Timpson blossomed into a valuable role player for the Seminoles. She made sure to be a force on both ends of the floor and her impact resulted in winning more times than none. Heading into her junior season, it was time for Timpson to take her game to the next level. As the team’s starting center, Timpson understood that her presence is critical as Florida State looked to be one of the best teams in the country. 

Timpson’s game has elevated through the course of this season. She’s the enforcer who has continued to bring toughness and energy on the floor. On both ends, Timpson continues to show versatility and proving to not be one dimensional. Offensively, she’s taken big leaps as a post player, showing her creation and footwork turnaround jumpers and face-ups. On defense, she is also a jack of all trades as she not only protects the basket but can switch and guard smaller defenders as well. 

Timpson set the tone with her dominant 18 points and 8 rebounds in their season opener against Charleston Southern. Moving forward, she continued to perform well in Non-Conference games as she posted five double-doubles during the period. 

ACC play was where Makayla Timpson continued to elevate her game. Last season, she did a good job holding her own against the best centers in the conference. This season was a different story. The question was how could she stand out amongst the talented players in the conference. Timpson may have not been a household name to the world but Florida State appreciated her efforts on a night-to-night basis. 

An area where Timpson has stood out is shot blocking. This is a player who has continued to thrive as a rim protector. Many could say Timpson gains inspiration from her head coach, Brooke Wyckoff, who was one of the best shot blockers in program history. Timpson leads the entire ACC in blocks with 2.6 and each season she has increased her average. In conference play, Timpson has continued her rim protection as she has six games where she’s recorded three or more blocks. 

Why has Timpson continued to thrive as a shot blocker? There’s several reasons. One reason is because she takes pride on the defensive end and doesn’t allow any easy opportunities. Another reason is Timpson’s awareness and timing. She positions herself right to not allow defenders to have advantage and has a wingspan that can help her elevate on blocking shots. 

Even when she’s not out of position, Makayla Timpson has shown to come from behind and still prevent easy baskets. In Florida State’s big win over Virginia Tech, Timpson had the defensive task of defending their star, Elizabeth Kitley. Down the stretch, the Seminoles needed get a stop defensively. With Timpson guarding Kitley, she was forced out of position by a pump fake but luckily got back into the play by blocking her shot from behind. The huge defensive play was a reason for the Noles’ upset of an ACC contender. 

Another area is rebounding. Crashing the glass has been one of the leading factors in Florida State’s success. Timpson always makes sure to anticipate a rebound and proven opponents’ second chance opportunities. When she rebounds the ball, it allows Florida State to push the break and get out in the open floor. Their ability to finish in transition allows them to be one of the dangerous teams in the conference. Timpson is the one who begins the play. Her ability to rebound gives the team a new possession as they’re off to the races. 

Timpson has recorded eight double-digit rebound performances in conference play. The ACC has tough matchups at the center position and it’s a battle under the glass in every matchup. Timpson accepts every challenge and strives to be more physical under the glass and have the advantage for a rebound. 

With the combination of scoring, rebounding, and blocked shots, Makayla Timpson has shown to be one of the best frontcourt players not only in the ACC but in the country. Her and Stanford center Cameron Brink are one of the top 13 players in the NCAA in double-doubles, blocks, and rebounds. Timpson also has an opportunity to break Florida State’s single-season record in all three categories. 

Timpson currently has 71 blocks on the season, which is tied for sixth most. As former Seminoles’ forward Jacinta Moore holds the season record of 84, Timpson has the opportunity to break the record before the season is over. Timpson also sits eighth in most rebounds this season with 267, having an opportunity to break her record last season of 291. 

After Timpson recorded 16 points and 11 rebounds in a win over Miami, she is now two double-doubles away from breaking Natasha Howard’s record of 15 in a season. With three games remaining in the regular season, new records can be broken for Florida State’s junior. The goal is to finish the season on a high note which means Makayla Timpson will continue to play at her best to do so. 

The Seminoles return home on Thursday and take on Boston College at 6pm ET on ACCNX. They will get a weeks rest after this matchup and travel to Louisville for a battle with the Cardinals on February 27th. 

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