2024 NFL Combine: 5 FSU players that could improve their stock with great performance

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Johnny Wilson

Johnny Wilson is a physical freak that some teams forgot about once he got to Arizona State and the pandemic hit. FSU was the only big-time school who recruited Wilson from the transfer portal. Wilson is among the highest percentiles for height, weight, wingspan, and arm length. His production in his two years at FSU was great and I believe improved the perception of poor hands this season. That's the biggest knock on him aside from if he should be a wide receiver or TE in the NFL. If Kelvin Benjamin can be a first-round selection, I fully believe Johnny Wilson can be just as good, if not better. Wilson has never had issues wanting to practice or train, and was a great teammate at FSU.

He's physical in the blocking game and improved his stock at the Senior Bowl with his ability to seperate in his routes from defenders. His forty time will likely dictate where he goes. I know some folks will call me crazy for this, but I'd take Wilson over Coleman. Wilson was hurt this season, and didn't completely vanish in games. He makes incredibly tough catches and blocks his tale off in the running game. If he can run a 4.65 or lower, I think he'll see his third round projection improve tremondously and will be a steal for some team.