FSU football: Takeaways from first day 2022 fall camp

Cornerback Renardo Green at FSU football practice on Aug. 5, 2019.Img 3352
Cornerback Renardo Green at FSU football practice on Aug. 5, 2019.Img 3352 /

FSU football head coach Mike Norvell spoke with the media after the first day of 2022 fall camp.

One of the most important things I was interested in seeing was if there would be a carry-over from the positives we saw in spring camp.

Would they need to be pushed extra after having player-led practices during the summer?

That wasn’t the case, according to Mike Norvell, who seemed pleased with the first day. The entire interview is below, but I’ll provide some highlights:

  • Night and day regarding expectations and allowed to be aggressive on the first day of installation on offense and defense
  • Was the most information they’ve been able to install that he can remember
  • Lots of speed and efficiency in communication and no alignment issues
  • Experience showing up and meeting expectations
  • Take it day-by-day with Winston Wright, and he’s beginning to pick up the finer details of the offense(despite not getting reps)


It feels like this team is far and away ahead of where they were last year at this time. The amount of experience returning and continuity is a big factor in that. The good news is despite the overload of information, there was not any big bust in coverage or alignment issues. If we recall, those were major issues in the first four games last year.

Player accountability is showing up, which is something we needed to see and a carry-over from spring and summer workouts. Winston Wright was seen walking to practice today and seems to be much farther ahead in his recovery than anyone thought possible when the car wreck first happened.

Norvell has been careful with his words and not setting expectations too high for his return, but it was a good sign to see him walking out to practice. It seems like things have gotten off to a good start, and seeing some of these guys for the first time since spring, it’s evident they put in a lot of work in the strength and conditioning program.

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