Michael Alford has upgrades underway with several sports

Seminole Boosters, Inc. CEO Michael AlfordAlford
Seminole Boosters, Inc. CEO Michael AlfordAlford /

The hiring of Michael Alford is one thing I pointed to in December that would ultimately determine the success or failure of FSU to rise back to prominence.

I wrote about some of the things accomplished in his first six months on the job a couple of weeks ago, and now he has more projects underway.

It’s the effect of having a real athletic director getting things done.

These projects are only a small sample of what Alford has been doing to improve FSU athletics. He has made two new hires recently that will help move the Noles into a space to compete better with other programs from a revenue standpoint.

Alford’s background in fundraising is already paying dividends as FSU signed their first craft beer partnership recently.

It’ll be interesting to see how everything unfolds in the near future. Alford has faced a lot of challenges in the first six months, hiring several new coaches, along with additional people to surround him. Not to mention overseeing the football-only facility progress, among other projects. He seems to have the pulse of what needs to get done, and these upgrades and renovations look like they’re only the beginning of things to come.

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