Michael Alford: Impact of first 6 months as FSU Athletic Director

Seminole Boosters, Inc. CEO Michael AlfordAlford
Seminole Boosters, Inc. CEO Michael AlfordAlford /
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Bobby Bowden
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An athletic director has a lot of hats to wear besides hiring and firing coaches. He has to keep his ear to the streets with all of the programs in terms of wants and needs.

I mentioned the football-only facility, but FSU soccer, softball, and baseball all need facilities upgrades.

All of them have gotten some level of attention since Alford became athletic director, and I’m sure they’ll continue to see improvements made to make them competitive with other universities across the nation.

Alford hired someone to replace him as Seminole Boosters CEO in Stephen Ponder. The two have already been working together, so that should be an easy transition, as both understand what needs to happen for FSU athletics to compete at the highest level.

Ponder brings a wealth of fundraising experience that should help rally FSU alumi and increase the percentage of graduates that donate back to the school. Alford exudes confidence and seems to have a plan for everything. He’s also active and saavy on social media.

That is far from what FSU coaches have experienced over the past decade. I believe the football program wouldn’t be in its current position if it had a competent athletic director at the time.

We’ll have to wait and see how some of these decisions pan out, but I don’t think anyone can argue with what Michael Alford has done so far. His fingerprints are already all over FSU sports, and all things point to him finding success.

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