Michael Alford: Impact of first 6 months as FSU Athletic Director

Seminole Boosters, Inc. CEO Michael AlfordAlford
Seminole Boosters, Inc. CEO Michael AlfordAlford /
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One of the first things I noticed with Alford after he became athletic director was his attention towards the FSU football program.

Alford allocated more funds toward football for Mike Norvell to hire more support staff to help level the playing field with the competition.

He has also helped spearhead the new locker room renovations that were unveiled a couple of months ago and continues to work towards breaking ground on the new football-only facility.

It’s clear Alford understands the importance of football doing well since it’s the money-maker that helps all of the other FSU sports programs.

At the same time, he has worked to help FSU catch-up regarding NIL. A year ago, there was no direction or organization on the NIL front, but that has done a 180-degree turn with Rising Spear absorbing Warpath 850 and providing some great opportunities for football players, among others.