FSU football: How far away are the Noles after watching national title game?

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fsu football

If you’re an FSU football fan, you probably watched the national title game between Alabama and Georgia and asked the question how far away are the Noles from playing at that level.

After all, the Noles were on that stage less than a decade ago but have wallowed in a pile of mediocrity since 2017.

Realistically, it has been since 2018, because not many teams will compete at an elite level with a starting freshman quarterback that wasn’t an early enrollee or highly touted out of high school. I’ve talked about the reasons why ad nauseum, so I won’t rehash them here.

At first glance, the 8-13 record under Mike Norvell probably gives little hope to FSU fans of competing for ACC championships and national titles.

I know watching the national title game made me feel like FSU was light years away from elite status.

However, I think most FSU fans would be happy with respectability and winning 8-9 games a year over the next two years while they continue the climb.

Is that level even possible considering where FSU football is currently? Let’s talk about the major differences between FSU and respectability.

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