Why Matheu Nelson should win Buster Posey Catcher of Year Award

Matheu Nelson

FSU baseball catch Matheu Nelson has been one of the best players in all of college baseball and should win the Buster Posey Award for the nation’s best catcher.

Nelson was named as a finalist Monday along with Louisville’s Henry Davis and Baylor’s Andy Thomas.

Some folks may say I’m biased because I cover FSU baseball, and the award is named after an FSU player. All three players are great, but the stats speak for themselves when stacked beside one another.

The award winner will be announced July 1st, 2021, at the 23rd Annual Greater Wichita Sports Banquet.

Let’s take a look at how Nelson stacks up against Davis and Thomas.

Henry Davis

  • Batting average-.370
  • Runs-45
  • HR-15
  • RBI-48
  • Slugging Percentage-.663
  • Fielding Percentage-.995(404 chances)
  • Assists-33
  • Caught Stealing-13 of 15
  • Passed Balls-3

Andy Thomas

  • Batting average-.337
  • Runs-46
  • HR-11
  • RBI-60
  • Slugging Percentage-575
  • Fielding Percentage-.991(441 chances)
  • Assists-43
  • Caught Stealing-17 of 20
  • Passed Balls-5

Matheu Nelson

  • Batting average-.330
  • Runs-50
  • HR-23
  • RBI-66
  • Slugging Percentage-.773
  • Fielding Percentage-.995(602 chances)
  • Assists-63
  • Caught Stealing-15 of 22
  • Passed Balls-12


When it comes to offensive production, Matheu Nelson wins every single important category. He was the only player on the entire FSU baseball team to hit over .300.

Defensively, Nelson is the best, with nearly 200 more chances to make an error and nearly double the number of assists.

He allowed more passed balls, but that’s probably a by-product of catching way more innings than the other two guys.

Matheu Nelson is a complete baseball player, and nobody deserves to be recognized more than him with how he carried FSU’s offense at times in the 2021 season. He came up clutch time and time again offensively and defensively for a team that was’t great at either aspect.

Hopefully, the Greater Wichita Sports Sports Commission will get this right when announcing the winner next month.