2021 NFL Draft: Marvin Wilson got paid more than a lot of guys drafted late

Most folks thought FSU defensive tackle Marvin Wilson would hear his name in the 2021 NFL Draft.

It was a big surprise when he wasn’t selected in the draft, but his smile is likely bigger now that he wasn’t selected late in the draft.

As soon as the draft ended, news broke Marvin Wilson would be signing as an undrafted free agent with the Cleveland Browns.

I wrote on Twitter how it would be better for Marvin Wilson and Tamorrion Terry to go undrafted once the draft got to the sixth round.

Players have more leverage as an undrafted free agent because they can choose which team they want to sign with and negotiate a monetary deal.

It looks like Marvin Wilson will make more money than a lot of players selected late in the NFL Draft.

For context, the No. 191 pick was the seventh pick in the sixth round, and there were 259 picks in the entire draft.

Marvin Wilson will make more money than all of those players drafted before him. A lot of that probably goes back to the value Wilson had last year when most thought he would be taken in the first couple of rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft had he left FSU.

A guaranteed base salary of $162,000 isn’t what he would have gotten if he was drafted in the first couple of rounds. However, it’s nothing to sneeze at as most people coming out of college are not going to make that amount of money doing what they want to do.

The key for Wilson will be capitalizing on the opportunity and making the team. If he does that and can eventually secure a second contract? That’s where the real money will be made since he’ll have more leverage based on how he’s performed in the league up to that point.