FSU basketball: Why Leonard Hamilton deserves props, not criticism

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fsu basketball

FSU basketball saw their season come to an end Sunday afternoon with a loss against No. 1 seed Michigan in the Sweet 16.

I know emotions run high after losses like that, but some of the things I saw from FSU basketball fans on social media were borderline delusional.

I saw some talking about the need for FSU to bring in a new coach that can take the Noles farther than the Sweet 16.

Some fans said Juwan Howard outcoached Hamilton and some other ridiculous statements. The only thing I will criticize Hamilton for in that game is keeping RaiQuan Gray on the sidelines too long after picking up his second foul early in the game.

Other than that, the issues that plagued FSU were out of Hamilton’s hands. The referees had more influence on that game than anything, as the disparity in fouls called on FSU did not go unnoticed by non-FSU folks.

The 2021 FSU basketball team, making it to the Sweet 16 surpassed expectations, despite what some folks want to believe. Just because you have a freshman that projects to be a lottery pick doesn’t mean a team will make the Final Four or win a national title.

All you have to do is look at the Duke’s and Kentucky’s who routinely sign five-star players. How many national titles has either of them won in the last five years?

Exactly. Leonard Hamilton deserves praise, not criticism, and the future is bright for FSU basketball.

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