FSU Football: Storylines and names to watch after spring camp week three

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Mandatory Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

FSU football completed week three of spring camp, which concluded with a second scrimmage. Does this change how this team takes shape?

I’m just going to jump right into the scrimmage and leave the J1 intro rules on the cutting room floor.

The offense couldn’t get anything going, aside from some quarterback improvisation, and some Jashaun Corbin plays.

This action should have been what happened week one but the defensive line let a walk-on running back take them to the woodshed. Coach Mike Norvell again said the defense looked “dominant” and that they “responded” to a good offense week last week.

With this in mind, I want to shift to the quarterbacks because the offense still moves the best with Travis under center, and they were able to cash in with an early Keyshawn Helton touchdown. Outside of that, opportunities were left on the field by everyone.

McKenzie Milton is still working his way through the playbook. Tate Rodemaker had a decent day but was let down by the young wide receivers.

On that note, Kentron Poitier had an off day. He slowed up on catchable balls, had a couple drops that could’ve gone for big plays. Coaches mentioned he needs to find consistency.

According to Mike Norvell, that was a similar trait shared by most of the young wideouts. There was also not the requisite Malik McClain big play. Nothing could get going on the ground or the air, and the defense piled up the stops aside from some flash plays here and there.

I want to give credit to the linebacker corps because they were flying everywhere in the highlights. DJ Lundy made TFLs. Amari Gainer and Kalen DeLoach performed well by filling up rushing lanes, and Stephen Dix Jr. was everywhere.

The offensive struggles consisted of self-inflicted wounds, but the defense performed better than last week’s scrimmage.

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