FSU Football: The projected spring depth chart in the trenches

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FSU Football

(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)

As FSU Football hurdles toward spring football, we take a deep dive into who will be among the first team come March 10th.

Again, this team has undergone significant changes but has been surprisingly minimal within these two positions. To reiterate, “trenches” means the offensive and defensive lines because of the coaching cliche “the game is won and lost in the trenches.”

Outside of high school additions, of which only two have early enrolled, there have been only two transfers taken within these position groups. Along the offensive line, a very negatively maligned unit, there are only two players in this year’s recruiting class to fill in the unit’s massive needs.

However, I understand seeing the improvement along the offensive line and being encouraged, but the unit is still limited. Despite the improvements in the running game, we still struggled to protect on obvious passing plays, which could limit the impact of McKenzie Milton.

The defensive line has been one of FSU’s better positions throughout its history but turned into one of the worst in the past couple of years due to scheme changes, injuries, and lack of productivity.

Because of these factors, there is little to no depth with young players not ready to start and many project to move inside as they develop further.

If you would like to review the offensive skill and defensive skill position lists, you can here and here. I also used the 247sports scholarship distribution list to help discern who is on scholarship throughout this project. I also only used the players on the current roster, so only early enrollee’s are included from the last recruiting class.

Without further ado, here are the projected depth charts for the offensive and defensive lines.

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