FSU football: Noles checked Clemson with the game postponement

FSU football wasn’t going to get bullied into playing a game.

FSU football postponing the game falls all on Dabo Swinney and the Clemson Tigers. Here’s what happened according to reporter Pete Thamel:

What is there not to understand about this situation? Here’s what happened it seems. Dabo Swinney knowingly let a player that was symptomatic ALL week practice with his team. Yes, the player was testing negative, but was showing symptoms and still practicing.

The player tested positive from Friday’s test, but Clemson had already traveled(along with the player that tested positive) to Tallahassee.

So Dabo Swinney and their medical staff are to blame. Why should FSU football put their entire team at risk because Clemson did something dumb? Was Clemson upset because they traveled to Tallahassee and didn’t get to play?

What Dabo Swinney expected was for Mike Norvell and the Noles to bow down and play because the program is down, and the expectation was they were going to get blown out anyway.

This is probably true, but at the same time, Mike Norvell and company can’t let Clemson strong-arm them into playing a game that could force them to miss the other games remaining on the schedule if FSU players contract COVID-19.

How many college football games have been postponed or canceled this season? Exactly.

It’s an easy decision to make, not to mention the uproar earlier in the summer with the Warren Thompson situation. It’s not like they canceled the game and said we’ll never play as both teams have open dates in December.

I’m sure you were, but this was the right thing to do in every aspect. FSU football is protecting its players from exposure to others that have been around someone all week that tested positive.

We saw Lawrence ON the sidelines talking to other players during a game with his mask pulled down around his chin after he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Clemson thinks they can do whatever they want? Not today, Not today!