FSU football: The standard is still the standard in Tallahassee

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fsu football

(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)

FSU football is taking the steps to rebuild the program from scratch.

I watched the FSU football game Saturday night and discussed it live with all of the 12K+ fans of our Twitter account.

It’s clear most FSU football fans watch in anguish and frustration, but that’s part of being a fan of a once-dominant program.

I think most rational FSU fans are aware this is a complete rebuild with Mike Norvell. However, there’s another segment of those that believe Mike Norvell should snap his fingers and win games or attractive five-star recruits just because it’s Florida State.

Look, the standard is the standard at FSU football. The goal is always to win the conference and national titles. However, there are times when expectations have to change even though the standard doesn’t.

Here’s an example:

In college, the fastest I could run the mile was around 5 minutes and 50 seconds. We had to run the mile every Monday for time, and the expectation was to improve on our times every Monday.

Fast forward twenty years later, and earlier this year, I began running again while my kids rode their bikes to get out of the house when COVID-19 emerged.

I hadn’t run for distance or time in quite some time, but do you think I had any expectations of running the mile in five minutes and 50 seconds?

Absolutely not.  However, I had to set a baseline, so I ran the mile for a time after a couple days of just running with my kids. The first timed mile I ran in eight minutes and 10 seconds. A couple of weeks later, I ran it in seven minutes and 52 seconds. A month or so later, I ran it in six minutes and 52 seconds. The next time I ran it for time I managed to get it down to six minutes and 25 seconds.

That last time I ran the mile for time, I ran it in 6 minutes and 10 seconds. I was running basically every day or every other day in between the times I ran for time. I said all that to say this, I couldn’t go out and run 5 minutes and 50 second mile when I hadn’t been working to reach that standard in 20 years.

I had to put the work in to try to reach a standard I had set for myself a long time ago. I’ve gotten close, but it didn’t happen overnight, and I had to put the work in to reach that goal.

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