FSU football: Where was the response to adversity against Georgia Tech?

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FSU football showed some improvements with a couple of things compared to last year. Where was their response to adversity against Georgia Tech?

One of the biggest problems FSU football has faced the last few seasons is responding to adversity.

It’s something Mike Norvell has been preaching since he arrived in December, and it’s something the players talked about in their Georgia Tech post-game press conference.

However, a lot of what we saw Saturday night was the same old same old from FSU trying to survive in a fight, instead of going on the attack when things get tough.

Listen, Georgia Tech is a more mentally tough football team compared to FSU. Just think of all the adversity they overcame to come back and beat the Noles.

They had two costly interceptions from a freshman quarterback. The Noles took at 10-0 lead into halftime after blocking two field goals and an extra point.

Asante Samuel Jr. said FSU beat themselves more than anything Georgia Tech did, but I disagree with him wholeheartedly.

He played a great individual game, but Georgia Tech simply took that win because they wanted it more.

All you had to do was look at what transpired in the second half. Just picture this game as a boxing match.

FSU comes out and cracks Georgia Tech in the mouth with a huge hit special teams hit to pin them deep in their territory. Georgia Tech responds with a big offensive drive, which ended in an interception, but they were able to flip the field.

Georgia Tech kept coming every time FSU punched them in the mouth(which wasn’t too often), and ultimately became the aggressor in the fight.

At that point, FSU never got back on the offensive, and Georgia Tech players could sense it. Their body language changed, they started talking smack on the field, and all FSU could do was take it.

I do think the defense was outcoached somewhat, and FSU’s offense missed some plays that would have put Georgia Tech in a larger hole. There was no response to adversity against a team that went 3-9 last season.

That’s something the coaches can preach all day, but that won’t change until the players decide they don’t want to be punching bags anymore as a whole.

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They can either decide to stay in the pocket and return fire or cover-up in the corner and absorb the beating. Which response to adversity is it going to be moving forward guys?

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