FSU football: Individual game predictions on 2020 schedule

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fsu football

(Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images)

The FSU football schedule was unveiled with dates Thursday morning. New Chopchat contributor Cole Maines gives his predictions on wins and losses.

This was written by Cole Maines and posted by Kelvin Hunt.

FSU football drew the short-end of the stick when the ACC reshuffled the fall athletic schedule to be more COVID-19 friendly.

The Noles added North Carolina, Notre Dame, and Virginia while losing games against Boston College, Syracuse, and Wake Forest.

Suppose you are following the evolution of FSU Football during the coronavirus pandemic. In that case, you are almost sick of hearing about how the Noles lost three projected wins and added three toss-ups against Virginia, UNC, and a loss against Notre Dame.

The only favor the ACC did for the ‘Noles was blocking off the schedule. The current format has blocks of three or four games, then a bye.

Now, if they were thinking of blocking the season off like that to deal with a breakout within a team, attrition, or they chose to throw us a bone, we appreciate it.

Let’s get into my game-by-game score predictions for the Noles on the 2020 schedule.

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