FSU football: FSU’s 10 most important players for 2020 season

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fsu football

(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)

FSU football has a pivotal season coming up (hopefully) in the Mike Norvell era. There’s a lot of talent, but here are the top 10 most important players.

FSU football is 18-20 over the past three seasons. A combination of poor injury luck, tough schedules, and poor coaching have been the main culprits.

It hasn’t been due to a lack of talent. The decision of some key upperclassmen to return instead of opting for the NFL Draft has my outlook much higher than it would have been otherwise.

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t made things go as smooth as we’d all like and likely has impacted progress that otherwise could have been made in spring practice.

Nevertheless, all of the college football teams in the country have had to deal with the pandemic.

The only difference is most of them are not dealing with a new coaching staff looking to implement their stamp on the team on and off the field.

I know some FSU football fans are still questioning this coaching staff despite the challenges being presented. That’s fair I suppose, but I think we’ll be able to draw a better conclusion once we see the team in actual games.

I think this team could make some noise in 2020. No, I’m not saying win the conference or a national championship, but I’ve been saying for the longest, I expect at least eight wins. If that happens, these are the 10 most important players that will make it happen.

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