FSU football: Writer still in denial about greatness of 2013 FSU champs

The 2013 FSU football team is the best college football team of all-time. One national writer is still in denial about this fact.

FSU football was front and center of attention Thursday when the 2013 BCS title game between FSU and Auburn aired on ESPNU.

Since there were no live sporting events to watch, a lot of FSU fans tuned in and relived one of the program’s greatest moments.

The program has been in a downward trend since 2013, which likely made it that much sweeter to watch Thursday.

It felt like it was a reminder of what this program is capable of when it’s operating at peak efficiency. That’s the task Mike Norvell has been charged with after being hired in December 2019.

Nevertheless, I feel like I’ve had to defend the greatness of the 2013 national championship team way too much. However, I’ve had fun doing it and proving it time and time again.

USA Today writer Dan Wolken has an infamous tweet that I respect him for leaving up after the fact:

That narrative that year was FSU wasn’t that good and was playing in an inferior conference to the SEC. However, oddsmakers had the Noles as 10-point betting favorites going into the game with Auburn.

The Noles were that good and would have covered the spread had an Auburn coach that used to coach at FSU with Jimbo Fisher not stolen their offensive signals in the first half. Thursday night Wolken felt compelled to respond after his original tweet had been brought up several times during the re-airing of the game Thursday:

We’ve written about it a gazillion times and looked at the number discrepancies between the first and second halves once Jimbo Fisher started shielding his signals with towels. The production is night and day. The Auburn game wasn’t close because FSU football wasn’t tested in 2013.

They were not tested because they were that good. They were so good Auburn had their signals for an entire half and still lost the game. That’s like giving someone a 40-meter head-start in the 100-meter dash and still losing.

That, my friend, is greatness personified and why they are the greatest team any way you want to look at it.