FSU football: Is Jameis Winston the worst QB in the NFL?

Former FSU QB Jameis Winston could be out of Tampa Bay according to recent reports. Can he find a starting gig elsewhere?

Jameis Winston has been the epitome of great and terrible during his five seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The former No. 1 overall pick set a new standard during the 2019 season as he was the first NFL quarterback to throw 30 touchdowns AND 30 interceptions.

He led the lead in passing attempts (626), completions (380), passing yardage (5,109), and interceptions(30).

Recent reports have Tom Brady signing with the Buccaneers after he announced his time in New England as over Tuesday. That either means Winston is going to be the backup, or will be signing with another team.

Will another team give him a shot at being the starting quarterback after what he’s done in his five years in Tampa? It seems as though that’s not going to be the case according to the tweet below:

How is that possible? Are there worse quarterbacks in the NFL than Jameis Winston? I’d say so, not to mention he’s been playing for a terrible organization making questionable roster moves.

I mean, they did pass over Derwin James TWICE and Dalvin Cook, but huge needs at the time in those respective drafts.

Has Winston played poorly at times? Absolutely, but for him not to be considered for a starting role somewhere else is ridiculous.

If we use the QB Index as the measuring stick for the 2019 season alone, Winston checks in at the No. 22 spot. He’s only 26 years old, and for whatever reason is getting slammed by the media despite putting numbers as good or better than Peyton Manning at this time in his respective career.

Peyton Manning won nine more games than Winston during the same period. I mean, last I checked this was a team sport, and Manning had a much better supporting cast than Winston.

Winston had LASIK eye surgery and had a torn meniscus repaired in the off-season while playing hurt with an injured thumb. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay and Winston went to New England?

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I shouldn’t be surprised it’s possible no teams may be interested in signing Winston as a starter. There’s a reason the teams who are usually bottom feeders, remain in the same predicament every year.

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