FSU football: Three too early opinions of Mike Norvell

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Now that national signing day is behind us, and the bulk of the recruiting season now finished,  the time feels as right as ever for me to try and articulate some kind of an initial opinion on new FSU football head coach, Mike Norvell. Look, I know what you’re probably thinking: “this guy has been HC for two months now, how are you just now forming an opinion?”

That answer is an easy one for me: he hasn’t actually “coached” anything at FSU yet. How am I supposed to think one way or the other about a man who hasn’t even coached a practice yet?

Sure, he’s assumed the role and responsibilities of a head coach; but besides a few whistles blowing during off-season workouts and someone on one player meetings, the man hasn’t “coached” a lick of anything while at Florida State.

Yet, social media is flooded with polarizing takes about Coach Norvell. Some folks believing he is way in over his head, while others have already anointed him as the “next great coach at Florida State.”

If we are being honest, you really can’t (and shouldn’t) form an accurate opinion on a first-year head coach until after his first season has concluded. Let alone, try and do so before he has even made it through spring practice. To me, it just seems foolish to try and irresponsible to do so.

But alas, the year is 2020 and patience and moderate pragmatism are things of the past. All that said, let’s take a look at what Coach Norvell has been able to do in his first few months as head coach.

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