FSU football: Vegas proves 2013 Noles more dominant than 2019 LSU

In my quest to prove the 2013 FSU football team is one of the most disrespected teams of all time. I present you with these findings.

I wrote a few days ago the 2013 FSU football offense was better than the 2019 LSU offense led by Joe Burrow.

Oh, I caught a lot of heat despite pointing out every metric that proved my point clearly. Most of the backlash centered around people’s weak arguments about who FSU played that year.

Of course, this was the heyday of the mighty SEC as they had won seven straight national titles.

The Noles would comeback to beat the SEC champion Auburn Tigers for their third national title, dominating them in the second half once Jimbo Fisher covered up the signals being stolen in the first half by a former assistant who was on the Auburn sidelines.

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I had people coming at me talking about LSU was the better team, despite them not even having the best offense. The 2013 FSU defense was much better than the 2019 LSU defense and that’s not a conversation even worth having.

We can look at offensive and defensive stats all day long and talk about strength of schedule. However, one stat people have forgotten about when it comes to dominance is what Las Vegas think.

You know, the folk that take all your money every Saturday and Sunday during football season. Good teams win and great teams cover the spread, I’m sure you’ve heard that before right?

Let’s take a look at both 2013 FSU and 2019 LSU against the point spread to see who was more dominant:

  • FSU vs. Pittsburgh: -10.5 W (41-13)
  • FSU vs. Nevada: -36 W (62-7)
  • FSU vs. Bethune-Cookman: (54-6) (Couldn’t Find This Line)
  • FSU vs. Boston College: -23.5 L (48-34)
  • FSU vs. Maryland: -17 W (63-0)
  • FSU vs. Clemson: -5 W (51-14)
  • FSU vs. NC State: -34 L (49-17)
  • FSU vs. Miami: -21 W (41-14)
  • FSU vs. Wake Forest: -34 W (59-3)
  • FSU vs. Syracuse: -37.5 W (59-3)
  • FSU vs. Idaho: -58.5 W (80-14)
  • FSU vs. Florida: -28 W (37-7)
  • FSU vs. Duke: -30 W (45-7)
  • FSU vs. Auburn: -10.5 L (34-31)

By my count that’s 10-3 against the point spread from Vegas against some huge point spreads! Let’s take a look at 2019 LSU:

  • LSU vs. Georgia Southern: -27 W (55-3)
  • LSU vs. Texas: -7  Push (45-38)
  • LSU vs. Northwestern State: -51.5 L (65-14)
  • LSU vs. Vanderbilt: -24 W (66-38)
  • LSU vs. Utah State: -27 W (42-6)
  • LSU vs. Florida: -14.5 L (42-28)
  • LSU vs. Mississippi State: -17.5 W (36-13)
  • LSU vs. Auburn: -11.5 L (23-20)
  • LSU vs. Alabama: -5  Push (46-41)
  • LSU vs. Ole Miss: -21.5 L (58-37)
  • LSU vs. Arkansas: -39.5 L (56-20)
  • LSU vs. Texas A&M: -18 W (50-7)
  • LSU vs. Georgia: -7.5 W (37-10)
  • LSU vs. Oklahoma: -12 W (63-28)
  • LSU vs. Clemson: -5 W (42-25)

By my count that’s 8-5-2 against the spread including Alabama having to play a backup QB!


I mean Vegas oddsmakers know their stuff and the numbers don’t lie here as FSU was the more dominant team as they covered the spread more often.

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They covered the spread 77 percent of the time compared to just 53 percent of the time for LSU.

FSU is the better team overall and was the more dominant team throughout the season.

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