FSU football: Why 2013 ‘Noles offense is better than Joe Burrow and LSU

FSU football has the most potent college football offense of all time. Yes, it’s still better than the LSU offense you saw this season.

The 2013 FSU football team still gets disrespected to this day for whatever reason. Maybe it’s all the things that went down that year with Jameis Winston?

It could be people just hate FSU football because they’ve been one of the most dominant programs of the last three decades.

Nevertheless, watching LSU put up 42 points against a really good Clemson defense got people talking about their offense being the greatest college football offense ever.

In fact, they surpassed FSU’s total for points scored in a season with their win over Clemson but there’s a catch!

These are the facts! LSU scored 726 points in 15 games this season while FSU scored 723 points in 14 games. However, here’s several reasons why the 2013 offense is better:

2013 FSU Offense

  • FSU 51.7 PPG
  • FSU 52.23 percent 3rd down conversions
  • FSU 75 percent 4th down conversions
  • FSU red zone success 97.26 percent
  • FSU red zone touchdown percentage 79.45 percent
  • FSU 7.67 ypp

2019 LSU Offense

  • LSU 48.4 PPG
  • LSU 49.18 percent 3rd down conversions
  • LSU 70 percent 4th down conversions
  • LSU red zone success 96 percent
  • LSU red zone touchdown percentage 78.67 percent
  • LSU 7.89 ypp

Final Thoughts

I mean the facts are the facts folks. The 2013 FSU offense wins almost every major category. They could beat you running the ball or passing the ball.

Everyone wants to talk about LSU’s passing offense and it’s legit no doubt as Joe Burrow averaged 10.8 yards an attempt. Jameis Winston averaged 10.6 yards per attempt in 2013.

The biggest difference is the FSU run game that averaged 5.63 yards per carry compared to LSU’s average of just 4.88 yards per carry.

Want to talk about balance? FSU had 42 rushing touchdowns and 42 passing touchdowns that season. LSU had 32 rushing touchdowns and 61 passing touchdowns.

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Oh, and if you want to talk field goal’s? FSU made 21 of 22 field goals and 94 of 94 extra points. LSU’s kicker went 21 of 27 and just 89 of 93 on extra points. I’m sure some SEC homers will come out of the woodwork and talk about strength of schedule.

Well, FSU beat five ranked teams that year, two of them top 5 and another top 10. The average margin of victory in those games was 35 points.

As I said, the facts are the facts.

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