FSU football: Mike Norvell seems to have won over most doubters

FSU football head coach Mike Norvell wasted no time getting to business and laying out his vision for the Noles. It appears he’s already won over most doubters.

FSU football has its head coach after over a month-long wait and crazy speculation. The addition of Mike Norvell seemed to be met with a lot of hesitation because he wasn’t considered a splash hire.

I suppose the fan base was dead set on FSU football getting a big name coach like Bob Stoops or James Franklin. A coach that’s proven they can win at a high level.

However, it appears Mike Norvell’s Memphis team winning their conference championship Saturday coupled with his fiery introductory press conference has won most of his doubters over.

I conducted a poll shortly after his Memphis team beat Cincinnati for the second time in as many weeks to win the AAC conference championship.

You can see the results and he had over half of the pollsters support just hours after the Memphis game. However, I watched his press conference Sunday and wondered what type of impact that would have on FSU football fans too?

As you can see the poll hasn’t ended yet and there’s a substantial increase in the number of folk buying in to what Norvell’s message was.

You can read my thoughts on his press conference below, but I think it speaks volumes about the man or either the fan base is incredibly thirsty to get back to the top.

It’s probably a combination of the two. Now, I must be mindful that Willie Taggart had folk feeling great about things after his press conference and did everything right the following off-season resulting in over 50,000 fans for the 2018 spring game.

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At the end of the day it’s about making progress on the field and putting W’s in the win column. It’s only the second day, but Norvell’s hitting all the right notes so far! He’s already visiting commits/recruits and hired his offensive coordinator from Auburn who was his coordinator at Memphis.