Why FSU Football is still among top coaching dream spots in country

FSU Football is going to find a new head coach in the coming weeks – and there our hundreds of coaches across the country who would kill for the job.

Within the next few weeks, something will take place for the just the fourth time in over the last four decades: the FSU football program is going to hold a press conference and name the newest full time head coach to lead the Seminoles on the field. It’s a job that will be filled for the first time in a long while after an actual search.

In 1976, Bobby Bowden was hired to essentially save one of the worst programs in the country at the time – and in 2019, the fourth head coach over that span is going to be leading a program that is among the most highly sought after jobs in all of college football despite what their record has been in recent seasons.

Now, before fans of other big time programs get all hot and bothered I am not saying that the FSU football team in 2019 is on par with teams like Clemson or LSU or Georgia or any of the teams who are going to be among the final four left playing in the College Football Playoff.

But if you think for a second that coaches from across the country would turn down a chance to coach a Seminoles team just six years removed from winning a national title and five years from playing in the first playoff system, you would be crazy.

We’re talking about a Seminoles team that has exactly ONE losing season in the last 43 seasons of play – a span that includes, over the last 27 seasons, winning three national titles and playing for three others in the de facto title game while coming within a game of playing for the title on at least five other occasions.

This is a team with what I would say is the best stadium in the country, but at the worst is in one of the best stadiums in the country with practice facilities among the best and a football only facility in the works that is going to be among the best – if not being the best – in the ACC and around the country.

It’s a FSU football program that, in spite of firing their head coach with three games left in the regular season, has still kept most of their top recruits and will likely finish with another class ranked in the top 20 nationally if not higher to add to a roster that already is stacked with top talent.

It’s a program that you are going to get paid very handsomely at – I mean after all, they did reportedly raise $20 million in about a week to FIRE the last head coach. Can you imagine what kind of money they are going to pay to bring in the next leader?

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I’m not even close to selling the Seminoles having to “settle” for the next man to lead the team. They may not get someone like Nick Saban or Dabo Swinney (thank God), but if you think that 90 percent of the head coaches or coordinators across the country wouldn’t lead the FSU football team in a heartbeat, you haven’t been watching college football.