Chop Chat College Football Playoff Ranking Predictions: November 27th

The fifth College Football Playoff rankings will be released for the 2018 season on Tuesday night, and the Chop Chat staff as ideas of who will be there.

Well, the college football regular season has come to an end for the 2018 campaign and now teams from across the country are turning their attention toward the postseason and the college football playoff – you know, that thing that you go to when you when six games in a season…you remember what that looks like, FSU football, don’t you?

Okay, yeah I’m going to be salty for a while, but so will some of the teams that are going to be left out of the four team system come this Sunday when the field is announced. With a little bit of chaos last weekend that saw three of the top eight ranked teams get sent packing, there might be a little more clarity this weekend.

Will two teams from the SEC make it regardless of what takes place this weekend in Atlanta? Is there a legit path in which just one champion from a Power Five conference makes the field of four teams?

Since we love stirring up debate, here’s how our staff sees this week’s rankings looking.

Jason Parker’s Picks

No. 1 – Clemson Tigers

I have to stick with the men in orange not because they are from the ACC like the staying home Seminoles are (sorry, I’ll stop), but because I think they beat a slightly better SEC team than the team I have trailing them in the standings did.

No. 2 – Alabama Crimson Tide

At this point, you have to think that no matter what takes place in the SEC title game this coming week against Georgia, Nick Saban’s team is heading to the system whether they bring along some additional hardware with them or again get in without winning the conference like last year.

No. 3 – Notre Dame Fighting Irish

No, it wasn’t pretty like so many of their games this season, but the College Football Playoff will likely give the men from South Bend a pass for not being in a conference because of their undefeated record and 10 wins over Power Five teams this season.

No. 4 – Oklahoma Sooners

I know that a lot of people think that two SEC teams should be in the top four right now, but my edge would go to the Sooners for the simple fact they beat a much better West Virginia team right now and I think have gotten hot at the right time.

Outside Looking In

Georgia Bulldogs – This has to do with a combination of I don’t think two teams from the same conference should make it into the system and I truly think that the Bulldogs are going to get owned this weekend, so why waste everyone’s time with thinking the opposite might take place.

Ohio State Buckeyes – This one is also a two fold reason: first, I still can’t get over their loss to Purdue earlier this season…and second, them jumping over an undefeated UCF team would make people in Orlando lose their damn minds right now.

Kelvin Hunt’s Picks

No. 1 – Alabama Crimson Tide

No. 2 – Clemson Tigers

No. 3 – Notre Dame Fighting Irish

No. 4 – Georgia Bulldogs

Outside Looking In: Oklahoma Sooners and Ohio State Buckeyes

Aaron Cabrera-Steele’s Picks

No. 1 – Alabama Crimson Tide

Still the most complete team in the NCAA and honestly should breeze through Georgia in the SEC championship.

No. 2 – Clemson Tigers

South Carolina made it interesting at first but Clemson does what they always do and rallied on a what looked to be close game. They can compete with Alabama and that’s saying something.

No. 3 – Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Almost found themselves out of the playoff hunt this week but they found a way to win like good teams do. Not on the level of Clemson and Bama, but still a very good team.

No. 4 – Michigan Wolverines

I predict Ohio state to lose in the Big Ten championship and with that loss it could be enough to make Michigan jump into the 4th spot again. It’s a big if but it’s possible.

Outside Looking In

Georgia Bulldogs  – Georgia’s playoff hopes rely solely on the SEC championship game. If somehow they can upset Alabama, they should find themselves in it with the fourth spot. Right now I have them at five just missing it.

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Oklahoma Sooners – Kyler Murray has been putting on a clinic as one of the most electrifying players in the NCAA. If they can beat Texas they should be in it and rightfully so. I’d much rather see Oklahoma in the playoffs than Ohio State.