FSU Football: Offensive performance should instill confidence for Noles

FSU football looked more confident against Northern Illinois which should pay dividends moving forward in ACC play.

FSU football should gain a lot of confidence after its double-digit win over Northern Illinois Saturday. As a former college baseball player I can tell you confidence is everything.

If I went up to bat and got a hit or really crushed the ball but made an out the first time up more times than not I was going to have a good day at the plate.

However, if I went up there the first at-bat not feeling confident more times than not I didn’t do well that particular day.

It is absolutely amazing how much being successful in sports is mental. All you have to do is look at golf great Tiger Woods.

If you asked me five years ago if Woods would ever look half the player he used to be I would have laughed and asked if you wanted to put money on it. He had no confidence in his game despite all the great things he had accomplished in golf.

However, he began to gain that confidence back slowly but surely and at the time of this writing leads on Sunday for the PGA Championship after finishing among the leaders in his past few events.

That’s what’s possible with FSU football now. Yes, I know the injuries on the offensive line are there and the competition will get even better than against Northern Illinois. I know Deondre Francois still isn’t making all the reads in the offense correctly.

But, scoring 37 points against a tough defense while turning the ball over four times has to be lead to a more confident group. Just imagine if they had not turned the ball over so much? They may have scored 50+ points.

They’ve tasted that success against a defense that many thought they would struggle with after their performance against Syracuse.

FSU football will go up to Louisville and face a Cardinal’s team that just scored three points against Virginia in a loss. It’s a winnable game and a win that could further their confidence just a little bit more, just like Tiger Woods experienced in small doses leading up to today.

I’m not saying they’ll run the table the rest of the season, but we can see the potential in this team. If they play confidently(and avoid more injuries) they absolutely could make a bowl game in 2018.

It’s all about if they actually believe they can do it or not. We’ll get to see some early results next week against Louisville.