FSU Football should replace Delaware State with UCF after Irma

FSU football is now stuck with playing just 11 regular season games after the hurricane hit Florida – so the Noles need to make the most of it.

To say that this is already a different kind of season for FSU football would be an understatement. After dropping their opening game of the season to Alabama and losing starting quarterback Deondre Francois to an injury, the Seminoles also lost a game on their schedule as their original home opener with Louisiana Monroe was cancelled and, as of now, won’t be played.

That leaves the Noles with just 11 regular season games – something that might not seem like that big of a deal on paper, but as well know with the BCS and the Playoff system every single game counts. A team who is 10-1 isn’t going to always get the same love as a team who goes 11-1, but the only way these two teams could play is on December 2nd if FSU football isn’t playing for the ACC crown (as the Warhawks are off that week).

So, it appears that the Seminoles will be stuck with an 11 game schedule – which means Florida State should make the most of it and cancel their November 18th game with FCS foe Delaware State and replace it with a team in the same position of having to cancel a game due to Irma.

Now, if they were to do that, there would be seven teams that have had to cancel a game outright over the last two weeks: Florida, Miami, FIU, UCF, Georgia Tech, Arkansas State and Northern Colorado. With the last team, who was scheduled to play the Gators, being FCS, they are out of the running – as is Florida and Miami since they are already on the schedule for the Seminoles.

Georgia Tech, who had their game against UCF cancelled, could be faced as a non-conference opponent,  but the schedule doesn’t work out for that to take place. The same problem is run into when you look at Arkansas State (who lost their game with Miami) and FIU (who cancelled this past week’s game against Indiana).

That leaves just one option…and it’s one that actually works out: FSU football should replace Delaware State with the UCF Knights.

It’s actually pretty simple when you look at it. Right now, UCF is scheduled to play Temple on November 28th. Both of those schools share a common bye week (October 28th) in which the game could be moved to which would open up a date for the Knights and Seminoles to meet for just the second time ever.

Recently, UCF athletic director Danny White told the Orlando Sentinel that having to cancel their game with Georgia Tech – in addition to postponing another game – was a “worst case scenario” that has left the program scrambling for a solution. It wouldn’t be a home game in Orlando, but the short trip and travel costs would help they pocket plenty from FSU football for the game.

In the past, I have written about how the Seminoles should schedule more games against in-state opponents. This isn’t the best circumstance – and UCF will get their 12th game while FSU will still have just 11 – but it’s a move that would be a win-win for all parties involved. The Knights would get their money while Florida State would still get a home game and up their schedule strength for playoff consideration.

Of course, it’s much easier said than done and would likely never be considered if FSU football would still have to pay Delaware State something in addition to paying UCF. However, if there is any way to get the ball rolling and possibly set this up, the powers at be should really consider such an option.

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