FSU Football: Top 5 Reasons ACC Could Go Back To Mediocrity In 2017

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Louisville (9-4)

Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson set the world on fire in the first half of the season, breaking all types of offensive records along the way.

He was so good in the first half that he won the Heisman Trophy even though he and his team played poorly in its final two games of the season.

Not only that, they got waxed by LSU in their bowl game with Jackson being sacked on numerous occasions.

He’ll return, but if they can’t get their offensive line situated, he’ll look more like the Lamar Jackson of the last three games the season.

Here’s what they lose:

  • Jamari Staples (WR)
  • James Quick (WR)
  • Brandon Radcliffe(RB)
  • NeAngelo Brown (NT)
  • Keith Kelsey (LB)
  • Devonte Fields (LB)
  • Josh Harvey-Clemons (S)

As you can see, a good part of the weapons Jackson had around him will be gone, and the middle of that defense will be gone. Did I mention Louisville lost their defensive coordinator too?