FSU Football Game Thread: #12 Seminoles Welcome Miami to Tallahassee


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Game #5: Miami (FL) (3-1, 0-0 ACC) Vs. #12 Florida State (4-0, 2-0 ACC)


The Seminoles will escape. Bray Kaaya’s fourth-down pass is batted away. The secondary, which was such a big reason for Miami getting themselves back in the game, came through when it mattered. Thanks for hanging with us on the game thread tonight. ‘Noles 29  ‘Canes 24.


Do you believe in the Seminoles defense? Miami to get the ball back with just under three minutes to play with one timeout, down five points. Here we go gang.


Walker strips Kaaya, and it was nearly a game-changing recovery. Hurricanes retain possession, and toss it incomplete on 3rd down. For all of the negatives of the FSU defense tonight, that was a giant stop.


Dalvin Cook with his third touchdown of the night, breaking loose for a 23-yard run up the right side. He has 206 on the ground. ‘Noles can’t convert on the two-point conversion, and it’s 29-24 Seminoles. Bobo Wilson has been HUGE tonight, especially with his blocking in the run game.


With the struggles with drops for Bobo Wilson, there is no bigger catch than that one on 3rd and 8. Golson showed some guts putting it into tight coverage to make a play for his ball club. Keep moving the chains.


Play stands, and extra point is good. 24-23 Miami. 10:02 to play. Wow.


Stacey Coley makes an unbelievable catch to tie the game, as Hunter gets burned once again in the secondary. Defense has been the achilles heel all season, and it’s no different tonight. The ‘Canes will have an extra point pending to take the lead after the review.


Defense is gassed. Broken tackles…..Miami’s threatening.


The lack of touchdowns in the red zone is beginning to become alarming. ‘Noles have to settle for another field goal after a huge second down sack of Golson. 23-17, the Fighting Roberto Aguayo’s lead it with just under 12 minutes remaining in regulation.


Huge stop by the Seminoles defense, as Josh Sweat gets more pressure on Brad Kaaya. What a game by the freshman, this is his best effort to date in his short career in Tallahassee.


Kaaya is taking some shots but continues to deliver to some wide open receivers. I’m starting to think I could get open against this Seminoles secondary. This isn’t a small cut that you can bandage up, this is becoming a gaping wound as far as the pass defense is concerned.


All of a sudden, Miami has turned the tide on defense, forcing Golson and the ‘Noles to go three-and-out. Looks like they have made some outstanding adjustments to start the second half. Let’s see if the Florida State defense can make some adjustments of their own.


The Seminoles need a score here, but on defense, I’d commit to stopping Yearby and getting back to zone coverage. Blitzing is not a must at this point, especially with how quickly Kaaya is getting the ball out. Zone would take some pressure off of Jalen Ramsey, who has looked bad in man to man coverage against Rashawn Scott.


The Hurricanes converted on four different third downs on that drive, none bigger than the pass from Kaaya to Yearby to cap off the 17-play, 80 yard touchdown drive. Does this secondary make you nervous? Can’t seem to get off the field, and it’s been an issue all season long. FSU 20  Miami 17


Jalen Ramsey is getting exposed tonight by Rashawn Scott…not his best game thus far. Miami has converted on a couple of huge third downs, especially on this drive.


Josh Sweat is playing BIG tonight on the defensive line. The true freshman continues to put heat on Kaaya. Love his intensity, he’s going to be a big time player.


After the ‘Noles punt, Miami is going back to work, picking up a huge first down on third and long. The Seminoles defense continues to shut down Yearby, which could be a huge reason why they potentially win this football game tonight. Have to love the fight in the rushing defense.


Aguayo is unable to convert from 49 yards and it’s 20-10 Seminoles as we head into the break. I really, really don’t like how the ‘Canes are just hanging around in this one. Doesn’t seem like the ‘Canes are being completely outplayed, even though all of the stats clearly reflect that.


Safe throw from Golson to Kermit Whitfield, and this should be a field goal attempt for Aguayo. By the way, Kirk Herbstreit just called him “Robert” on TV. Close Kirk, close…


Golson had Whitfield on a beautiful deep ball but he couldn’t haul it in. With 13 seconds left and already in field goal range, I’d ake a shot or two to the endzone to see if we can break this thing open. Perhaps look for Cook in the flat on a checkdown if the deep pass isn’t there.


Good defense by the Seminoles as the ‘Canes are once again forced to punt. I bet we see an aggressive Golson here to try to get the team into field goal range for Aguayo with less than 30 seconds to go.


We might be thin in the secondary, Nate Andrews who has gone from doubtful to questionable to game-time decision in a span of four days is now forced into action at safety at less than 100%. We’ll see how his ailing knee holds up in a precarious spot.


Golson misfires on 3rd and 8, and Aguayo converts another field goal, this time from 31 yards. With 2:45 to go in the half, it’s 20-10 ‘Noles.


Dalvin Cook is back and better than ever. Tough running has the ‘Noles threatening yet again.


And that’s why the ‘Noles went for it. Jimbo trusts the defense. Big stop, and the Seminoles take over on offense with under six minutes to go in the first half.


‘Noles stuffed on fourth down after coming out in the I and trying to run it straight up the gut. Absolutely hate the play-call there.


Jimbo Fisher called timeout to challenge the spot. He was incensed at the officials for not calling for a measurement. I have a hard time seeing this being overturned. Meanwhile, Dalvin Cook is getting loose on the sideline, testing out the cramped leg.


Vickers has three carries for 21 yards with Cook on the bench with what the telecast is calling as “cramps.” Despite the tough running by Vickers, it appears that his last run is short of a first down. Timeout on the field, as the ‘Noles try to decide what to do on fourth down. Personally, I’d kick the field goal, especially with Cook on the sideline. Don’t leave points on the field in this situation. Let’s see what they decide to do.


Cook has cramped up, and did not re-aggravate his hamstring injury. Good news for ‘Noles fans.


Cook breaks loose for a huge run, and tweaks his hamstring trying to pull away. That’ll be something to watch here over the next few minutes as he exits the game.


Rashawn Scott gets loose in the secondary, as Jalen Ramsey gets embarrassed, then gets called for a facemask. While the rushing defense has been impressive, the ‘Noles have to get the back-end of their defense figured out quickly to avoid these big plays. 17-10 Seminoles.


If Miami can’t run the ball, they have no chance with how little they protect Brad Kaaya. Extremely encouraging if you’re a Seminoles fan here early.


After an overturned call on the touchdown to an incomplete pass, Aguayo converts a 22-yard field goal, and it’s 17-3 Seminoles.


Golson to Kermit Whitfield for the touchdown, but looks like they’ll review it. Looks like it could be overturned.


An incomplete pass, a no-gain on a zone read play to Cook, and all of a sudden it’s 3rd and goal for the Seminoles as we move to the second quarter. TV timeout.


Out of the timeout, Golson takes off on a quarterback draw for a good gain. Great call, and it’s 1st and goal.


‘Noles are threatening again after a nice little wrinkle off of a screen pass. The offense is rolling early, and Golson is looking “Notre Dame comfortable,” and I’m talking when he looked like a Heisman candidate last season. Already over 200 yards of offense.


Golson has started 8 for 8 passing. Already over 100 yards.


After a muffed kickoff, and a couple of missed throws by Kaaya, the ‘Canes are forced to punt it from their own endzone. Bobo Wilson calls a fair catch at the FSU 46. The offense will go back to work.


Rashawn Scott wide open deep across the middle, and Kaaya missed him. A little high, but Scott almost reeled it in anyway. The defense needs to wake up in the secondary. Way too many open receivers here early.


‘Noles look like a whole different beast this week. Always up for Miami.


How’s the offense rolling for ya, Seminoles fans? Golson checks down to Cook, who explodes for a 36-yard touchdown catch. 14-3 ‘Noles.


Golson to Ryan Izzo for a huge gain. Jimbo is letting his quarterback loose early.


Badgley hits the field goal for Miami, 7-3 ‘Noles. Big stop by the defense after a potential game-changing penalty.


Call confirmed, Marshall is ejected. I disagree with the call, but then again not even the officials seem to understand the targeting rule. Huge loss for the Seminoles, especially with Nate Andrews not well enough to see the field. Gotta feel for Marshall, especially given how big this game is.


Personal foul called on Trey Marshall for targeting. Don’t know about that one. Play under review, 1st and goal for Miami. Derwin James is behind Marshall on the depth chart by the way.


Kaaya finds Stacey Coley deep down the sideline. He’s been wide open early, and the ‘Noles are once again having some issues in coverage throughout the secondary.


Herbstreit makes a good point. With the size advantage of the Miami receivers, I’m curious to see how much man-to-man defense we see in the secondary tonight. The big emphasis will be to keep these talented Hurricane receivers in front, while mixing in some pressure on Kaaya.


Just in case anyone was wondering how Dalvin Cook’s hamstring was….Cook takes an option pitch from Golson 72 yards for the touchdown. Great block from Travis Rudolph and it’s 7-0 ‘Noles with 11:30 to go in the first quarter.


Good stop for ‘Noles on the opening defensive possession, but Kaaya had receivers running wide open all over the field. Need to get that fixed. Bobo Wilson calls for a fair catch on the punt, and the ‘Noles take over inside their own 10 for their first series of the night. Cook taking the field at running back for the Seminoles.


It always feels like these primetime games take forever to actually get going. The ‘Noles have won the toss and chose to defer to the second half. Here we go.

Last Minute Preview: Here

Initial Pre-Game Thoughts:

Here are just some pre-game notes and thoughts as we prepare for another hate-infused meeting.

  • RB Dalvin Cook is dressed out, atop the depth chart, and a full participant in warm-ups.
  • Safety David Andrews also fully participated fully in pre-game warm-ups and is expected to play.
  • Speaking of warm-ups, some Miami players weren’t too happy that Roberto Aguayo was warming up on their side of the 50….
  • Anyways, will the ‘Noles allow Golson to really let loose in the passing game for the second straight week? We saw some glimpses against Wake, but the receivers will have to be more consistent, as I spoke about in the preview.