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New Superman/Batman Movie Needs Batman, FSU Can Oblige

Comic-Con has done it again. The event — where people like me worship it as if it’s a holy temple — is where the news that a comic book lovers’ dream movie would be getting made exploded. Not just any movie either -- a Batman and Superman collaboration! This is what I like to call, awesomeness at the highest possible levels.

Sadly for fans of the Dark Knight, Christian Bale is unlikely to return to playing the character. Bale isn’t the fist to say buh-bye to being the baddest mofo alive, but happens to be the one fans are saddest to see ago. Well, with the exception of Michael Keaton fans (my favorite Batman), of course.

Regardless of how you feel about previous incarnations of Batman, a new Caped Crusader is needed.

The person taking on Bale’s former spot needs to be gruff, but charming. He also needs to be a believable tough guy. I mean, in the first Batman movie that Bale starred in they spent the first hour and a half showing you how tough Bale as Batman was. A team up movie cannot afford to do such things.

Thankfully, the Florida State Seminoles can provide Zack Snyder (Man of Steel director, heading up the project) with the new cast member. Think about it. What FSU alum currently has some cash, did things all sorts of backwards (much like Bruce Wayne), won numerous awards and was considered a legit tough-guy — despite playing a glamour position?

Chris “Mother Loving” Weinke, that’s who!

Okay, hear me out. Weinke was approximately eleventy-billion years old when he graduated, but has aged seamlessly. Here is why he is a good fit: He was (is?) an incredible athlete. Weinke played some baseball in the Toronto Bluejays’ minor league system, but then decided it was time to play some QB when he was 26. Then — after a somewhat so-so NFL career — became the VP of stuff at Triton Financial. That was before settling back into the realm of football as the director of the IMG Madden Football Academy.

Bale’s portrayal of Batman was a mix of a guy partying, a businessman and being somewhat a politician — if the politician actually acted our their behaviors in public (drinking, skirt chasing. Things we all assume they do, but they don’t in the limelight). Not all Batmans have to be exactly the same. Maybe, just maybe, Weinke’s portrayal pushes the Dark Knight more into the wondrous world of politics.

Also, we should be honest — no one knew a single thing about the new Superman heading into Man of Steel. Hell, that was the second new Superman in less than a decade. To be casted for that role the only ability you need is for your hair to have the right fluff to make a proper part to the side (ah yes. That’s why I didn’t get the part). Having name recognition is not important for superhero movies. Bale — who will likely go down as the most popular Batman — was a name at the time, however, he wasn’t at the same level Keaton was when he took over the role.

Here is what we know, I think. Superman’s character doesn’t always translate to the silver-screen. There is just something about a guy who only has one thing that can kill him that makes him unrelatable to Joe Schmoe — the dude currently on 12 different meds for anxiety. Batman is, well, us. Granted, he is the embodiment of everything we wish was us, nevertheless, he happens to be the closest thing to us (that is still cool) as far as superheros go.

Weinke, like Batman, also feels like us. As a guy who isn’t all that much more athletic, gifted or smarter — despite the fact he is actually all those things.

What do you say, FSU family? How about we picket outside of Comic-Con and let them know we have a new Batman?

Comment below with who you think should be the new Dark Knight. FSU alum, current player or your friend from down the road are all real possibilities at this point.


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