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Conference Realignment: A Fan's Tale

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The conference realignment discussion seems to ignore one of the most critical elements: the fans.  So today, I wanted to dedicate a post to a fan that posted a comment on one of our previous conference realignment articles.  Here’s what he had to say:

Realignment brings a lot of very interesting conversation. As things change in technology and the college sports world, which is changing rapidly, colleges are in constantly looking to protect their product and to maximize their income. Florida State is no different.

I believe it is fascinating to watch the realignment of college conferences. Whatever happens will have an effect on the college sports and FSU for generations to come. I remember attending in the Moore Athletic Center the announcement of FSU going the ACC. This was a wonderful event, for we were independent in football and in the Metro for Olympic sports, as they are called today and then we were in the ACC….We were all excited….Wow!

In this new college sports environment is certainly very different than those days. Today we have cable TV, the Internet, iphones etc. , and all technology such as on-demand and live streaming video programs that are available today….so what happens, today will effect Florida State for years. I’m just glad to be around when all this happens, and I think it will happen soon.

The University of West Virginia has a lot of animosity toward the ACC for they were rejected in joining the ACC, as a result some of their fans are very involved on twitter, blogs, and sports boards regarding conference realignment.

As a result, there a few of these fans that have had contact over the years with those whom today play a major part with their university have knowledge of what is happening in the BIG with other universities because of previous friendships developed over the years and are willing to express what they know is going on to their friends at WV.

One individual that has stuck out is “the Dude of WV”…some say she is FOS. What I have found in many respectsis he is sincere, as I have communicated with him regularly.

With WV in the Big 12, he very much wants FSU in the Big 12 and that, at this point, doesn’t seem like will happen, which he is very disappointed. But he is now reporting that FSU has presented an academic and AAU plan for FSU to the BIG presidents. It has been reported by many that our president Barron did make a presentation to the BIG.

The WV bloggers have actually disagreed among themselves with one saying the Spetman has told the BOT that FSU was rejected and one saying the BIG presidents has not voted yet.

It has been reported by “the Dude” that FSU has the votes to join the BIG but Delany want to try to have it unanimous, so the presidents’ vote has been held up. As, I remember this is the way it was when we joined the ACC…two schools rejected us…but it was reported as unanimous.

After reading hundreds blogs and sport comments, many say this is crazy…but you know what, FSU tried for years and years to get into the SEC. and each year we were rejected. You never know what is around the corner in this process……so hold on folks…and enjoy the ride, for I personally believe this will be a wonderful year for Florida State which we all love.

First, I want to say that this site is about you: the fans.  I don’t do this for a living.  I do this because I love FSU.  I’m a graduate and a die-hard.  My goal is to make this interactive and so I want to hear from you and incorporate your thoughts into the site.  This is a living, breathing example of my vision.  So, I want to personally thank noleworks for taking the time to post such a beautiful piece about his thoughts on conference realignment.

Second, I can’t get into the debate about West Virginia and the ACC.  I personally feel the ACC should have taken WVU, but they didn’t.  That’s history now.  What’s bubbling, however, is FSU’s future.  We have been hearing for months through various outlets that the Big 10 and FSU has at least had discussions.  We do not know the substance of those discussions, but we know they exist.

We also know that publicly, Eric Barron is telling everyone that not only is FSU a great school, but it is trying to become an even better school.  As an FSU graduate or fan, you should be very thankful for a president like Barron.  He gets it.  He understands, in this day and age, the balance between academics and college athletics.  He also understands that FSU is in an amazing position–it has leverage to choose the conference it wants to join.  So, we could assume Barron is working on getting FSU in the Big Ten, but it’s not up to you, me, or Eric Barron. It is up to the Big 10 Presidents.

All I will say is this: The Big Ten and the SEC both have the opportunity to make a move and put their pencils down.  By expanding, and pursuing FSU and some ACC partners, both conferences can finish the race and be done.  It seems clear to me, at this point, that FSU is calling its own shots.

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