FSU football: Why lack of confidence is biggest problem for the Noles

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Mandatory Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

FSU football can’t get out of its way on the climb up the mountain. Why a lack of confidence is the biggest issue with this team.

FSU football has a lot of talent on the team. I know you’re reading that after watching them get boat raced by Louisville Saturday and laughing on the inside.

However, it’s true, there’s a lot of talent on the roster, and tons of other big-time programs were recruiting these players that are causing you agonizing pain as a fan each weekend.

I wrote a quick recap and went outside with my kids after the game to getaway. I pondered what to write, but it’s like I’ve been writing the same thing for the last three years.

One week it looks like the program is taking a forward step, and the next week it, looks like they take two backward.


That’s the ultimate question all FSU football fans are asking right now. Now, I think the offense has turned the corner even though it’s limited right now with Jordan Travis at quarterback.

He’s a warrior, and the main reason the team looked like they had taken small incremental steps forward since the Jacksonville State game. Travis brought confidence to a broken team, and the offense started the Louisville game off with a touchdown on the first drive.

Boom, how you want to start the game. The defense takes the field and plays the first two snaps about as well as you can play them. It’s third and 8, where you want to be as a defensive coordinator, and Louisville’s best wide receiver takes a pass 66 yards.

Poof, just like that, the air is gone out of FSU’s sails, and the offense comes out and promptly goes three-and-out. Louisville runs one play that goes for 70 yards for a touchdown, and it was game over.

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