FSU football: Staff is working to change perception of the program

The FSU football staff is fighting a lot of battles created by previous coaching staffs, but is working to change the perception of the program.

The FSU football program has been in a state of chaos, disorganization, incompetence, or any other negative adjective we want to throw out there the past 3-4 years or so.

It pre-dates Willie Taggart, as Jimbo Fisher’s last couple of years were not exactly flawless or without blame as to the downward spiral of the program.

The old saying, you can do something wrong once out of 100 times, and the only thing people will remember is the one time you messed up?

Well, enter the world of college football where word travels fast whether it’s good or bad. It’s been a lot of the latter when it comes to FSU, from an on the field standpoint, to recruiting, and staff cohesion altogether.

Mike Norvell and staff are battling all of those perceptions. The lack of a large number of players going to the NFL in the past few years. Is it a family atmosphere down in Tallahassee? Will I be developed as a player?

I’ve noticed the FSU creative department doing a great job of flooding social media with nice graphics, videos, and stats to prove what’s possible with FSU football. Check out some of them below:


Notice the theme among all of those tweets? Family, production, and success come to mind when I was looking at those graphics. It’s what FSU football has always been about and what the new staff is aspiring things to get back to.

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I know fans are eager for the season to start and are quick to say it doesn’t mean anything unless the wins come. That’s true, but it’s also proactive and reinforces the message when the success on the field does come.

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