FSU football: Fans react to Clemson getting rolled by LSU

FSU football fans were mostly cheering for LSU to beat Clemson in Monday night’s national title game. They react to Clemson getting rolled in second half.

FSU football saw its 29 game win streak record stay intact with Clemson’s 42-25 loss against LSU Monday night. Clemson also remains tied with FSU with three national titles, and LSU needed an extra game to surpass FSU’s 2013 scoring title which tells you how great that 2013 team was.

The first two reasons were a couple of the reasons FSU football fans were rooting for the Tigers from the Bayou. It was a good game for at least a half as the ebbs and flow of the game showed dominance by both teams.

One thing I noted in watching the game is just how intense those two teams were and thinking how far FSU football has to go to get back to that level.

For some reason it feels like we’re a long way away, but then again we saw just how fast Clemson surpassed the Noles with the right players in the right positions.

Check out how FSU football fans reacted to the game Monday night.

Fan Reaction


It really has been insufferable to watch Clemson rise and surpass FSU football basically because the Noles couldn’t keep their stuff together.

An injury, help from referees and a coach that basically quit were all culprits in their meteoric rise. The bar has been set and hopefully FSU players watched that game last night and saw what being elite looks like.

I can tell you we haven’t seen that type of play from FSU football in years, but the work to get there has already started with strength and conditioning drills last week. A lot of people give Dabo Swinney crap for the things that he does but the guy figured the formula out.

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Clemson returns a lot of talent and one of the best recruiting classes in the nation. It probably won’t happen in 2020, but it’s time for FSU football to begin to close that gap the same way they did after 2013.

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